MonkeyBasic Helmsman PRO


Create playlists of your VSA routines and allows external triggers to take your haunt to the next level.


Helmsman allows you to control and automate your Brookshire Software VSA routines. Helmsman BASIC allows one to create a playlist of VSA routines while Helmsman PRO allows for external triggers to launch specific routines and electrical Relay controls as well. Some have considered Helmsman similar a media player for routines with some great extras. You can create playlists of routines and/or audio files, add delays, accept digital inputs, control relays and more.

Download your free 10 day demo: Downloads

REQUIRES: VSA Console 2.0 (Download DEMO here). Please note that ‘VSA Console 2.0’ is a separate install from VSA and is NOT INCLUDED with your VSA purchase. Purchase ‘VSA Console 2.0’ from Brookshire Software here:

NOTE: After purchase, license information may take up to 24 hours to be received via email.


  • Create playlists of the following: (almost no limit to the # of items)
  • Control up to 8 Relays via the Kit 74 or MonkeyBasic’s GateKeeper I/O Outputs. The following actions are available:
    • Turn On
    • Turn Off
    • Toggle Once
    • Toggle Every 5 secs to 15 mins (will continue during other routines until stopped)
  • Ability to Randomize & Loop your playlist
  • Insert delays between routines
  • Adjust the PC volume for each routine
  • Digital Triggers via these inputs:
    • MonkeyBasic’s GateKeeper I/O – 8 inputs
    • Keyboard shortcuts – 8 inputs
  •    These triggers can perform any of the following:
    • Play a specific routine then stop
    • Play a random routine
    • Start playing the playlist at a specific point
    • Interrupt your playlist, play a specific or random routine, then after restart the previous routine in your playlist
    • Pause
    • Stop
    • Toggle, Turn On, or Off attached Switches/Relays
  • Timed Triggers (performs same actions as digital triggers)
  • Save and Load playlists
  • Ability to start a playlist automatically when loaded. (You can place your saved Helmsman .VCP file in the Windows “StartUp” folder and it will kickoff automatically when your computer boots)
  • Remote controlled via the Helmsman Remote


Video Tutorials

Getting Started with Helmsman Part 1 (Intro)

Getting Started with Helmsman Part 2 (Playlists)

Getting Started with Helmsman Part 3 (Triggers)

Tips & Tricks

Schedule a Playlist to Start at a Specific Time

Currently Helmsman doesn’t have the ability to start a routine or playlist at a specific time of day. However, there is a work around.

I’ve been asked by a few people, so I decided to write the process up.

1) Open/create a playlist of routine(s) you want to run and check off the option in the lower righthand corner labeled “Auto Start Playlist”

2) Now save the Helmsman playlist you want to start. Make note of where the Helmsman Playlist (.VCP file) is save to.

3) Open Window’s Task Scheduler and select “Create Task”

4) On the General Tab, enter a Name.

5) On the Triggers Tab, select “New…” and then how often the playlist should play (once, daily, weekly), what time of day and anything other options. Also, make sure that Enabled is checked off. Click OK when done.

6) On the Actions Tab, select “New…” then click “Browse” and find the .VCP file that you saved earlier. Leave “Add Arguments” and “Start in” blank. Click OK when done.

7) On the Conditions and Settings Tab, you can keep the default values.

8) Click OK to complete your scheduled task.

That’s it! If you have any questions, please ask!