MonkeyBasic VirtualHaunt


Program your skull virtually anywhere without having to set it all up.


VirtualHaunt was developed to help haunters visualize their 3-axis skulls in virtualized 3D world. Allowing haunters to program their skeletal buddies all year long without having to pull out all of the Halloween supplies. (Which may or may not annoy many spouses, especially when setting up your Halloween buddies in the living room in July.)

VirtualHaunt works by monitoring the data being sent over a serial port (or over USB to an Enttec compatible device) and emulating the servo controller that is typically connected, so almost all servo based communication programs will work.

Don’t have a 3-Axis skull? You can use VirtualHaunt in its place… Set up a projector in your haunt or a TV/Monitor in a window. There are lots of possibilities!

Download your free 10 day demo: Downloads

NOTE: After purchase, license information may take up to 24 hours to be received via email.

See VirtualHaunt in action:


  • Works along side almost any Serial/DMX based communication program for controlling servos. Such as:
  • Emulate the following Servo Controller types:
    • miniSSC (and compatible)
    • SSC32
    • SV203
    • Parallax
    • Pololu (non-Maestro)
    • DMX BoC/SoC (via Enttec compatible devices)
    • DMX 8bit (via Enttec compatible devices)
    • DMX 16bit (via Enttec compatible devices)
    • Looking for something else? Contact us and we will working to add it.
  • Handles up to 128 servos.
  • Up to 6 Skulls or Skeletons on screen at a time.
  • Position Skulls (or Skeletons) independently.
  • Position the Camera’s View as well.
  • Different backgrounds to choose from.
  • Full-screen mode (great for when using during a Haunt).
    • Example: Project a talking skull onto a wall or tree!


  • PC Requirements:
    • Windows 10 (32 or 64-bit versions)
    • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later

Video Tutorials

Getting Started with VirtualHaunt Part 1 (Intro)

Getting Started with VirtualHaunt Part 2 (VSA)

Getting Started with VirtualHaunt Part 3 (TrackSkull)

Testing VirtualHaunt

Below is a ZIP file containing everything you need to play the Pirate routine you see in the Outdoor Demo video. The file contains a VSA routine, audio file, VirtualHaunt settings, and a text file containing instructions on how to run it. (Routine is courtesy of

VirtualHaunt Sample Pirate Routine (ZIP file)

That’s it! If you have any questions, please ask!